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Elaboration Likelihood Model of Persuasion&nbspTerm Paper

Contrary to previous viewpoints, the heuristic-systematic model and the elaboration likelihood model should be treated as complementary models to create a dual-processing framework for use in future research for understanding a variety of social influence phenomena.

When variables affect elaboration, they can increase or decrease persuasion, depending on the strength of the arguments presented. InHovlandJanisand Kelley noted that a sense of "rightness" accompanies holding opinions similar to the opinions of others.

When, if ever, will a positive source actually be harmful?

Elaboration Likelihood Model

The major result of this study was a social attractiveness by argument quality interaction. Central route processes are those that require a great deal of thought and therefore are likely to occur under conditions that promote high elaboration. Therefore, low involvement increases peripheral route processing when motivation and ability conditions of persuasion do not exist.

Yahoo Answers What does it mean to write with elaboration? First, the two topics for which credibility had weak effects have greater personal relevance than the topics for which credibility had strong effects.

The effects of interference and credibility,' Psychological Reports, 23, High involvement or elaboration increases central route processing especially when motivation and ability in the message exists.

In all of our research described in the previous sections we have attempted to create relatively pure cases of central and peripheral routes to persuasion. More specifically, under low relevance conditions source factors should operate as simple acceptance or rejection cues, but under high relevance conditions, source factors should not operate as simple cues.

Some subjects were led to believe that the source of the message was a professor of education at Princeton University and others were led to believe that the source was a local high school student.

In this case, that control variable is an argument that is universally seen as strong or weak. If the evidence for some proposal is seen as strong, a person is more likely to have favorable thoughts about the position and is likely to form a proposal-consistent attitude.

Elaboration Likelihood Model

The change in attitude can lead to permanent opinion change though it is likely less likely to occur than when the decision is made using central route. Example A woman who is very much interested in platinum jewels will be closely watching the advertisements of platinum jewels.

Source credibility affects persuasion under conditions of low, but not high, issue-involvement and response-involvement. Trends were observed for systematic information processing to increase when the heuristic strategy used was negatively affect -laden and when men were uncertain about the probabilities for cure and side effects.

Determinants of Elaboration Which route a message recipient takes is determined by the extent of elaboration. Peripheral This path is used whenever the receiver has absolutely no little interest in a subject.

2) Elaboration-likelihood model

Refer to the paragraph page for information on writing paragraphs. The net result of this was that social attractiveness and expertise enhanced persuasion only w her. Indeed, the line between persuasion and manipulation is thin, as well as elastic. It is also possible for both to occur simultaneously in an additive fashion or in a way that the judgmental implications of one process lend a bias nature to the other.

Sometimes a variable e. Importantly, we view elaboration likelihood as a continuum anchored at one end by what we call the "peripheral route' to persuasion and at the other end by what we call the "central route' to persuasion.

Expository Essay Elaboration Strategies Last modified by: The two topics for which source credibility made a difference appear to differ from the two tonics for which credibility effects were weak in two theoretically meaningful ways. That is, people can adjust their attitude in the direction and magnitude opposite to the perceived direction and magnitude of the biasing factor.

It is very much important for corporations and advertisement agencies, in designing their market strategies and understanding the attitudes of peoples.

Heuristic-systematic model of information processing

In the theory, the process began with low-effort examinations of peripheral cues e. We remember the message as ideas and we will be persuaded by it.

Under the central route, attitude changes result from a person's careful attempt to evaluate the true merits of the advocated position. For example, if the persuader is attempting to sell a car to an individual the the use of the central route, and the potential buyer has been categorized as one that clearly understands the relevance of the purchase, the persuader should do his or her best to make their product seem the most relevant to the customer.The Elaboration Likelihood Model has been hailed by some as “unquestionably the most influential recent theoretical development in persuasion research” (O’Keefe, ).

Even if this is the case, it is by no means a perfect theory. One of the most commonly cited criticisms of the elaboration likelihood model is the vacuous nature of the. Elaboration Likelihood Model of Persuasion is a speech communication theory which attempts to explain the process of persuasion, particularly in regards to the effect of different source factors on the attitude of the audience (object of persuasion).

Jan 05,  · Filed Under audience focus, cacioppo, elaboration likelihood model, misers, model need, peripheral route Petty and Cacioppo suggested there are two different routes to effective persuasion, which one is more effective will depend on whether the audience focus’ on the message itself, or outside factors, such as the credibility of the source.

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Elaboration Likelihood Model. 1. Elaboration Likelihood Model ELM and Types of Persuasion The Elaboration Likelihood Model is a theory by Petty and /5(1).

According to Daniel J. O'Keefe in his article, "Elaboration Likelihood Model," it is important to know there are two classes of factors that influence how much a receiver will engage in elaboration. The first is the receiver's motivation to engage in elaboration and the second is their ability to.

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Essay on elaboration liklihood model and
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