An argument against returning elian gonzalez to his father and cuba

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Elian Gonzalez 'holds no grudge against Miami relatives'

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relations with Cuba are tested during the bitter struggle over returning Elian to his father in Cuba. Jul 04,  · Elian Gonzalez, the 6-year-old boy found off the Florida coast last Thanksgiving Day, returned home to Cuba last night after the Supreme Court.

Jul 21,  · Spanish/Nat Hundreds of Cuban high school students gathered on Friday in Havana's Palace of Conventions, for the latest in an almost daily string of rallies pressing for Elian Gonzalez's return. Red Zone Cuba by Chris Baumgartner. Hey, “Posture Pals” was the definitive last word on posture.

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An argument against returning elian gonzalez to his father and cuba
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