An analysis of the diversity in religions across the world

The one deity was thought to be no longer merely the one deity properly worshipped by Israelites; it was also claimed to be universally the one deity, the deity who had allowed victory over Israelites and who meted out the destinies of all people, not merely the Israelites.

The party is associated with the Mauritanian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. This piece represents a cross-cultural survey with a psychodynamicist approach to cultural anthropology. All in all, Shias who are growing in numbers in the Arab world are discriminated against and the same is true of the Sunnis in Iran and it is more likely that things will get worse in the future as both Saudi Arabia and Iran are jockeying for leadership of the Middle East and the Muslim world.

The next time DuPage County was in a religion story of The Chicago Tribune, DIRN was featured as a how-to model for conflict resolution, religious diversity, and cross-cultural communication.

The multiplicity of languages spoken in the greater Middle East reflects its ethnic diversity. Most of the countries in this region are multiethnic. Variety and difference among religions is the norm and a precious resource, not a problem. However, internal religious diversity issues can be indirectly impacted when training provides strategic information.

The position is clearly inadequate in any age and place; in the global village of the late twentieth century it is also dangerous.

Without comparison there is no way to evaluate if presumed cause and effect are related. He refers to the idea of an exclusive Algerian identity that began to take shape in the s when the Arabic language and Islam were proclaimed as integral to the Algerian identity by the emerging national movement in opposition to French colonial rule.

If the leadership trains itself in genuine pluralism rather than religious ethnocentrism, those who look to them for guidance in attitudes regarding religious diversity would be more likely to develop tolerance, if not deep sophistication, about these issues. However, cultural diversity and religious diversity are often evaluated quite differently.

The most and least racially diverse U.S. religious groups

Buddhism in the Modern World 4. But how can such a basic change come about? Data must be made available to other researchers.

List of countries ranked by ethnic and cultural diversity level

Therefore, it is important for the various religions to foster profound love of their own tradition in their members -- a love mature enough not to be based on competitiveness and not to foster insecurity as a response to difference.

A nonhuman origin also meshes neatly with universal truth claims and the wish to be widely relevant. It only undercuts chauvinism and ethnocentrism -- the pseudo-love of the spiritually immature.

Global Religious Diversity

That would be using a different kind of language in a very different context. The meeting was canceled but the incident was spread widely online.


The silence is surely not due to a lack of interest or visibility. We will explore particularly the communities and religious traditions of Asia and the Middle East that have become woven into the religious fabric of the United States in the past twenty-five years.

Migration to Israel by Jews from the former Soviet Union made the percentages of Middle Eastern and European origin groups equal in the s. It might seem mean-spirited to criticize and to parody this position which generously includes the "others" in "our" group.

Many monotheists also assume, mistakenly, that nonmonotheistic religions are equally exclusive in their claims and that all religions feel certain about their position as the "one true faith.

Feelings of hostility and superiority, typical and traditional reactions upon encountering religious difference and divergence, result from deep insecurity. Of particular note, Ochs and Schieffelin found that baby talk is not universal.

This book is highly recommended for the academic theologian as well as the follower of Christ searching for ways to grasp the concept of civic virtue explored in the final chapter of the book.

But, it has been far from a unified presence.A unique feature of the WRD is its analysis of religious diversity worldwide in, and Each country’s Religious Diversity Index (RDI) value is calculated for religions over 10% of the country’s population, over 5%, and over %.

Religious diversity training should not aim for a Kumbaya moment in which world peace is achieved. Rather, the training should be designed to achieved two major objectives: 1.) Improve service.

A unique feature of the WRD is its analysis of religious diversity worldwide in, and entity groups across multiple fields without spending hours to confirm consistency of measurement across data sources.Atlas of Global Christianity (Edinburgh University Press), and The World’s Religions in Figures (Wiley-Blackwell.

Aspects Of Religious And Cultural Diversity In Middle East And North Africa – Analysis In the Arab world everyone was Arab even if he.

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The Why and How of Religious Diversity Training

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An analysis of the diversity in religions across the world
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